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‘ Ayur + veda ‘ , an ancient and natural healing science of 5000 years from India, translates to ‘Science of life’. Grounded in timeless principles of mind and body, this healing methodology is highly applicable to the modern world and can be seamlessly integrated into the current healthcare framework.

Ayurveda embraces a holistic approach to health and well-being, advocating the use of natural and wholesome foods, habits, and herbs. No other health approach personalizes the balancing and healing process based on one’s unique physical and mental constitution.

Explore how Ayurveda can help you understand your unique health and wellness goals. Receive guidance on how to alleviate and avert health issues by getting to the root cause. Together, we’ll dive into the deep wisdom of Ayurveda and set you on a journey to lasting well-being. 


Benefits of Ayurveda

  1. Ayurveda guides you on which food, lifestyle, habits, environment, spices and herbs are nourishing for you naturally and individually, based on awareness of body type and current imbalances. 
  2. Smooth digestion, absorption, and elimination and understanding about how to eat based on your specific body type.
  3. Improved immunity, increased strength and vitality.
  4. Reduction of symptoms and prevention of diseases.
  5. Great sleep and effective ways to manage stress and navigate modern living.
Ayurveda Consultant

Meet Vasu, your Ayurveda Practitioner

As a certified Ayurveda health counselor and practitioner, my vision is to share with you the wealth of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom in an affordable and easy to understand way without compromising its authenticity. I want to empower you to move away from the ‘pill for every ill’ mentality to a holistic and logical/ root cause approach to health management. I will be your trusted guide through the Ayurvedic journey and will educate you and empower you to make the right choices that nourish your physical and mental constitution.


Let’s work together

Personalized Ayurvedic Journey 1:1 Counseling

In the personalized 1:1 consultation, we will discuss all aspects of your life to present a holistic summary.  Your diet, digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, habits, emotions and mental state will be addressed. Based on these findings an individualized program including lifestyle, diet, herbs, aromatherapy, music, breathing, yoga and traditional ayurvedic treatments such as oil massage will be recommended. Your recommendations will be aligned to your individual constitution needs. The recommendations will nourish you back to balance and invoke the natural healing within the body to restore health and wellbeing. You will feel a state of balance, better digestion, sleep, stress resilience, all leading to increased vitality.

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Vasu is a great combination of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. She was able to help me with my overall health by putting herself in my shoes. I was burned out in my job and I was falling sick very often. The Ayurveda guidelines have helped me find my healthier self. I am amazed that everything was done naturally and was very intutive for the body. I am a die hard fan of this healing system and find so much wisdom in the practices. Many thanks to Vasu for spreading this wisdom.

age 32

I am Shama’s mother and I am very happy with the results from Ayurvedic counseling for my daughter. She suffered from IBS and acne. Vasu was able to connect the dots and work at the root cause level, mainly digestion. Shama has been relieved of many of her symptoms and she feels cheerful now. Her digestion has enhanced and she is able to enjoy many foods now. I am so thankful for the timely help that we received. It feels like we are on healthy path now and have developed a lot of awareness of what is right and wrong for the body.

age 17

I am profoundly grateful to Vasu for the Ayurvedic guidance that I have received. I was unable to handle stress and my perimenopausal symptoms,I was following many health programs but saw no results. Infact, my health was taking a turn for the worse. I developed acute insomnia, anxiety, and gained a lot of weight. Vasu has given me invaluable tools and education to understand my body and to be cognisitve of imbalances. Together, we were able to restore my health by following a plan that worked for my indivual constituion. Simple changes to my diet and lifestyle have led to profound effects. I love the herbal teas. I have also benefitted from yoga therapy that were designed for my body and mind. None of the suggestions were difficult to implement, but the results are great. It feels like there is a healhty rythm in the body.

age 47